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uPrism Ontact Platform Use Cases

We are becoming the new normal in various ontact business!


Collaborating accurately by video meeting with sharing data not only for remote place but also for near between divisions!


90% of office workers experience telework!
For efficient and safe collaboration, uPrism Meetings is the best solution for remote work.


The uPrism platform was exported to Jazan University in Saudi Arabia. In particular, 200,000 elementary/middle/high school students or more use uPrism a day

Job interview

Waiting room per session / per tenant, it is used by companies and HR companies for job interviews. Many job seekers experience uPrism Meetings before join.


Used in the startup non-face-to-face IR, and evaluation system was built with uPrism SDK/API for non-face-to-face evaluation to public technology evaluation institutions.

Remote test

uPrism platform was also used to supervise the exam from remote place for the first time in Korea. It is being used by several HR companies.

House Sales Consulting

For house sales. ‘G’ Construction Company use uPrism for video consulting for the first time in Korea, consulting service can built quickly and simply. (used by several construction companies and real estate consulting offices.)

Financial Call Center

Supplied to many financial institutions (banks, cards), and as the ontact era has settled, many use cases of call centers and financial institutions is increasing.


uPrism Meetings has the advantage that it can be easily built directly on a web page, and usage is increasing as video meeting and telework become common.


Collaborating with an integrated medical information system company, we exported telemedicine services overseas. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, there are many related interest in Korea.


uPrism Meetings are used in big international fairs, forums, and events. It provide suitable video layouts and many functions for events.


uPrism Meetings are actively used in economic broadcasts, performance programs and panel participation.


uPrism Meetings is embeded in the kiosk from the largest telecommunication company in Korea. Non-face-to-face and unmanned services using kiosks are expected to continue to increasing.


A mobile robot is equipped with a camera to communicate remotely in real time.
The uPrism platform was linked to the patrol robot and the hospital round robot.

Smart Surveillance

Supplied to a construction project that requires on-site control, and being used by facility management organizations.


An online discussion forum was held through uPrism Meetings. It is also used in various discussions such as reading book discussions.


It should be performed in real time if necessary, has been used for job training mentoring for students and is being used for employment support mentoring.

Integrate with legacy system

uPrism's integrates with the legacy systems such as IP phones, CCTV, and MCU (hardware video conferencing) using standard protocols.(SIP/H.323)||||||| .merge-left.r29867